• Wrestlinfan 5 months ago

    Thank you, it was my browser, but I have solved the problem now.

  • Wrestlinfan 5 months ago

    Is any one else getting an issue with the replays directing to http://www.issuessolution.site/live/adf/404.php
    It’s happening with all of them for me.

    • dont copy and paste links seprately just open links in same browser where our site is open

  • audio issue has been fixed a new version added

  • There’s no audio

  • Sir Video Has No Sound…..If Officially Realaese Than…………………….

  • IDK whats going on with the replay but theres no sound

  • I cant wait to the replay is up, I was watching the main event and broadcast was suspended in the middle of the match because i had it rewinded smh.

  • impact ppv was a good stream.it froze a few time but only a few seconds

  • evil uno 5 months ago

    none of the streams are working, the ok.ru site seems to be a bad site to stream from so its not you

    • i have checked the stream both links are working fine you are the first one who claim stream is not working could you please provide any screen shot or error to look into this

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