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we work hard to give you the real time wrestling content that you wana watch, hope you enjoyed the wrestling here we’ll provide you more wrestling if this site remains active , but our server and hosting expiry date is near it will be expired on 29th February 2020 . we request our valued visitors to show your love for this site and donate some money to pay our monthly rents. you know without your support this site cannot continue . there is no minimum  or maximum limit on donation .

you can donate us,  through Paypal : [email protected]

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we assure you,  we’ll use this money to pay our server rents and will not use this money on our personal benefits.

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  • Kushedout 6 months ago

    I use free WiFi and use this site for free wrestling sorry have no money for this

  • Mkhrbsh 6 months ago

    Get Fuck

  • concerned wrestling fan 6 months ago

    I’m tired of seeing this, you are not the only site out there, none of the others ask for money, Don’t be greedy.

  • OheyMakabe 6 months ago

    You are safe then there is no 30th of February!!

  • Fuck you Kami you pull this shit all times you dirty man,you put the spyweres on bollyrullz you just bad scum man.

  • Jason T 6 months ago

    Tons of free wrestling online , use a pop up blocker and adguard and recieve it commercial free.
    If your wrestling server is getting hit etc , you the site admin should have used a .in or .net server through panama.

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