Prelude to Glory 18 Oct 2019 on IMPACT

Prelude to Glory on IMPACT+ 18 October 2019 Online Full Show

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Preview : This Friday night on IMPACT+ at 7PM ET IMPACT Wrestling gets the Bound For Glory weekend started with Prelude to Glory Presented by Wrestling Travel. It all goes down in South Bend, IN , Some of the amazing matches that will go down this Friday! Don’t miss Prelude to Glory LIVE this Friday at 7PM ET with a Pre-Show at 6:30 all on IMPACT+ LIVE!



  • Андрей Бочаров 8 months ago

    Pleause, do somethink with links,
    impossible to download!

  • PW guy 8 months ago

    Both SD and HD are the same file. Need a container in less than 2GB please.

  • Hasnain 8 months ago

    Man i really want to see this show it never took this long for impact plus events to be uploaded.

    • admin 8 months ago

      Prelude to Glory 18 Oct 2019 added on

  • ivan6 8 months ago

    Damn i started to think this is going to be like Gold Rush (if anyone remembers it) the show was lost

  • Executioner 8 months ago

    Why no one respond? Everyone wants to see prelude to glory, but no one gave an explanation about why this show is still not available

    • admin 8 months ago

      Prelude to Glory 18 Oct 2019 added on

  • I want to see the reply of prelude for glory

  • Fiend 8 months ago

    when we can see prelude to glory? I know that there is a replay on fite, when will it be posted here?

    • admin 8 months ago

      Prelude to Glory 18 Oct 2019 added on

  • wrestlingfan2112 8 months ago

    seriously impact screwed up this one the only way I’m watching this is with a free trial of plus through the fite app it streamed there but not the impact plus app wtf

  • All Glory, which happened on Sat Oct 19 is already uploaded while Prelude to Glory, which happened on Fri Oct 18 is still not available anywhere.

    Whats up with that?

    • ivan6 8 months ago

      I think Impact+ did not upload the show i check once a few hours they did not even uploaded latest episode of impact all i find online is twich version of that episode and i dont wanna watch it becouse evry time when someone is subscribe on twich i see them instead of watching the action

      • admin 8 months ago

        Prelude to Glory 18 Oct 2019 added on

  • Christopher 8 months ago

    some people need to learn some patience. we are lucky enough even to have this website

  • Christopher 8 months ago

    Im sure they will get to putting it up as soon as they can. We all just need to relax and wait. They must be busy with this site. lol just saying

  • impactfan2112 8 months ago

    I’m hoping to watch this show as well you never reposted fallout from death before dishonor I would watch that as well

  • ivan6 8 months ago

    Are you gonna upload this or not ?

  • Christopher 8 months ago

    oh yes

  • Bilal ayaz 8 months ago


    • Aaron 8 months ago

      When is the reply streams going to be available for this?

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