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  • Calum 6 days ago

    Can do full shows with wwe advets please

    • Admin 6 days ago

      No we can’t upload shows with advertisements

    • admin 6 days ago

      well you can like advertisement i can too but not all users , and if i capture ads with show the file size got bigger and larger that’s why we skips tv ads to focus the show

  • Calun 1 week ago

    Full show FHD got no sound and some do not has no sound my connection is working and can fix problem please

    • admin 1 week ago

      are you talking about hd or fhd ? ya fhd link got no sound wait i am going to change the link

  • PW guy 1 week ago

    Can you refresh Full Show SD’s link please? It says “blocked” for me idk why.

    • admin 1 week ago

      if you are talking about verystream link then i’think you are using ad blocker in your browser that’s why you are getting blocking issue disable ad blocker in your browser or use a different browser

      edited: actually it was due to a wrong link url any ways i have changed the link check it now by pressing ctrl+f5 on you keyboard.